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Tongling the electronic materials technology co., LTD

Tongling countries spread electronic materials technology co., LTD. Is located in bronze——Tongling economic and technological development zone,The registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area50m,Is a company dedicated to research and development of new materials with copper base powder、Production and sales of professional manufacturers,Company is a national high and new technology enterprise、Specialization, new small and medium-sized enterprises in anhui province、Tongling city credit enterprise,2014Years12Month18In anhui province equity managed successfully trading center of science and technology board...

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Tongling the electronic materials technology co., LTD

Address:Tongling city China's anhui province economic and technological development district mountain road2166Number

The phone:0562-8821988

A mobile phone:13705628877



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The use of the bronze powders
  Bronze powders is a buoyancy flake pigment,By a certain percentage of copper、Zinc and aluminum alloy ball mill、...
How to make new composite materials to make electronic equipment faster...
  Report from our correspondent network according to physicists reported recently,American scientists have developed a more effective...
Full colorLEDElectronic display products material...
  1.LEDThe lamp and chips Automobil security webex LEDThe lamp is bothLEDLuminous tube,...

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