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The company production of light calcium carbonate is a kind of important inorganic chemical products as filling agent and reinforcing agent,Widely used in rubber、Plastics、Building materials、Paper making、Coatings、Printing ink、Medicine、Food、Feed、Toothpaste、The production of cosmetics、In the processing and application,The molecular formulaCaCo3,Non-toxic、Tasteless white light powder,Quality score0.97-98.5The above,The particle shape of spindle、Rod,Or cubic shape, etc,The average particle size is0.5-5Microns,Oil absorption value is5.5ml/g,Relative density is2.4-2.7,Is slightly alkaline does not dissolve in water,Easy to moisture absorption stable chemical properties。Light calcium carbonate used in rubber products,Such as tyre,Conveyer belt rubber hose、Tape and medical rubber products,Can reduce the dosage of rubber,Reduce the cost,You can also have the effect of reinforcement and reinforcement。Light calcium carbonate used in plastic can reduce the dosage of the organic material,Reduce the cost,Improve the stability of plastic,Hardness and rigidity,Improve the processing performance of plastic,Improve the heat resistance and improve the plastic astigmatism。Light calcium carbonate is the first large mineral filler coating industry,Mainly used for automobile coating,Powder coating,Architectural latex coatings。Can improve the luster of the coating,Tall lightness,Chemical resistance,Improve the rheology,And can greatly reduce the cost。Light calcium carbonate used in paper making,Can improve the whiteness of paper product and avoid light,It has high expansibility,Reduce the dosage of pulp paper mill may be greatly reduce the cost。

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Product application


Industrial active calcium precipitation of calcium carbonate

Main application and characteristics:
1、Used in rubber industry has obvious reinforcement effect,Improve the dispersion performance and products release,Increase the surface finish and flexible,Also can improve the processing performance and physical and mechanical properties of products。Can partly replace silica and titanium dioxide,Large amount of filling,Can reduce the cost,Enhance market competition ability。
2、As filling material of plastic industry,Have good dispersion,Processing and superior performance,A smooth surface,The characteristic of reinforcement,To improve the quality of products, etc。
3、Used for electric wire、In the cable,To improve the wire、Cable insulation performance,Improve the processing performance,Improve product quality and yield。
4、Used in glass fiber reinforced plastic、Ointment、Flame retardants in composite products, etc,With high whiteness,Improve the processing performance,Reduce abrasive wear、Improve the quality of products,Conform to the requirements of environmental protection, etc。

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Industrial super fine calcium carbonate

Main application and characteristics:
1、Used in rubber can improve the processing performance,Improve tensile strength of the product,Tear strength,Deflection and wear resistance,There is a better reinforcement effect。
2、In the plastic、Printing ink、In the coating industry,Can improve the processing forming,Can the astigmatism and extinction,Can improve the dimension stability of plastic products,The tensile strength,Can increase the transparency of transparent or translucent materials,Improve the surface gloss and surface smoothness of the product。

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Feed grade light calcium carbonate

Main application and characteristics:
1、Add right amount of light calcium carbonate in the feed,Can provide the boost required for poultry livestock calcium,Improve the disease resistance,Gain weight quickly,Lower feed conversion ratio,Reduce feed costs, etc。

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Papermaking grade light calcium carbonate

Main application and characteristics:
1、Function of this product is used in paper making industry in the neutral or alkaline sizing technology。
2、A particle size and particle size with stable,To ensure the strength of the paper。
3、Has the high opaque and glossiness。
4、High whiteness,Permeability is strong,Precipitation has stable performance。
5、Characteristics of color retention。

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The electric wire、Cable stage light calcium carbonate

Use and characteristics:
1、This product can be used for electric wire、In the cable industry。
2、To improve the wire、The processability of the cable,To facilitate processing forming,Improve the product and quality。
3、Can improve the whiteness of the product、Gloss and surface smoothness。
4、To improve the electric wire、Cable insulation performance and flame retardant performance。

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Rubber special light calcium carbonate

Use and characteristics:
1、This product is used in rubber industry。
2、In the rubber mixed with large amount,Does not affect the curing system。Good dispersion,Improve processing performance,Reduce the production cost。
3、Zhongyou has obvious reinforcing effect in rubber,Increased the strength of expansion,Abrasion resistance,Tear strength,Resistance to deflection。
4、Reduce the shrinkage rate of the resin,Change the flow of abnormal,Control the viscosity。
5、Improve the hardness and rigidity,The stability of size,The adjustable hardness, etc。

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Industrial precipitated calcium carbonate

Main application and characteristics:
The precipitation of calcium carbonate is widely used in rubber、The paper、Plastics、Building materials、Coatings、Printing ink、Daily necessities、Cosmetics、Food、Medicine、In the production of feed。

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