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Chengdu poldi sea technology co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales and professional consulting services in the integration of high-tech enterprises in professional digital audio and video

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Poldi sea science and technologyA group of extremelyThe richExperience and innovative spirit of scientific research team and the enterprise management team,The company relies onMoreThe yearsWisdomEducationConcept andCombinationPoldi sea science and technology of the world's leading intelligence amplification system,ForEducation and other industries to provide a number of the wisdom of the quality education solutions

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Chengdu poldi sea technology co., LTD., independent research and development of classroom teaching intelligence amplification system completely solved the handheld microphone cable、Use of wireless microphones or wearing a small microphone defects,The system is so far the only can realize the function of intelligent sound reinforcement system,This system been used in many schools in bulk,Are welcome

Beijing university
Renmin university of China
Fudan university
Chengdu 7
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  • Invited to participate in wuxi new district wu hai poldi technology“Wisdom campus”Construction project information session
    2016Years11Month23On the afternoon13O 'clock,About the wuxi new district wu“Wisdom campus”Construction project information session,In the new district of merry wu middle school teaching building amphitheatre。Attended the meeting with the leadership of the new wu just education style council, the vice director of BianHuiZhong、Jiangnan university humanities college professor Liu Xiangyong、Merry secondary school principals and new wu xu just education style council equipment division 媱 Wu Dong section chief,The kindergarten and new wu area、Primary school、The relevant person in charge of junior high school, etc。Sample room equipment exhibitors chengdu poldi sea technology co., LTD., was invited to attend the meeting。
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