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Anhui deckard instrument co., LTD. Is located in the coast of the Yangtze river of the pearl of the late winter--Tianchang,Even the historic city of east--Yangzhou,South of the six dynasties the ancient capital--Nanjing,Near ning highway,The transportation is convenient,Information flow,For our development。 Anhui deckard instrument co., LTD. Is a collection of scientific research and development、Production、Sales and service in the integration of technology companies,The company is committed to intelligent instruments and meters,The research, development and sales of wire and cable and other products,The main products are:Industrial thermocouple、Industrial heat resistance、The bimetallic thermometer、The temperature sensor、Pressure transmitter、Temperature transmitter、Flow meter series、Level gauge series、Intelligent power monitor、Digital display debugging、The paperless recorder、Actuators、The valve、Cable tray series and so on。And widely used in water plant、Machinery、The oil、Chemical industry、Metallurgy、Electric power、Textiles、Food、The fire、Pharmaceutical、Scientific research and other fields。 Technological innovation is the impulsion of enterprise development,Companies have been trying to blend in science and technology progress of every day life。Mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit is our principle,Responsible for is our promise to the customers;Integrity and service is our business philosophy。We will, as always, adhere to the principle of credibility of the market,Continuously optimize product、Perfect service,Wholeheartedly for the new and old customers with products and satisfactory service……


The unique geographical advantage

Nanjing metropolitan circle city an hour,Known as“Anhui east gate”Said,Wan jiang city belt is undertaking industrial transfer demonstration area dual-core two-wing pattern of industry one of the two wings of a shaft

Quality assured

A complete production and testing process,Reduce the nonconforming product、The risk of defective products,To reduce the loss;Follow the quality management system,Make good quality products for our customers

The house down

Product application fields,A wide variety;Widely used in metallurgy、Electric power、Coal、Chemical industry、The oil、The traffic、Medicine、Agriculture、In various fields such as environmental protection

Perfect after-sales service

Provide technical advice free of charge,Perfect after-sales service team,Help you solve the problem,7*24Hour hotline service

The use of the bimetallic thermometer maintenance

The use of the house down thermometer maintenance

1、WSSSeries bimetallic thermometer in custody、The installation、Use and transport process,Avoid collision protection tube,Don't make .To protect the tube bending...


Pressure transmitter main advantages

Pressure transmitter main advantages

1、Pressure transmitter has reliable work、Stable performance, etc;2、SpecialV/IIntegrated circuit,Peripheral devices,High reliability,D...


Thermocouple temperature measurement conditions

Thermocouple temperature measurement conditions

Is a kind of temperature sensing element,Is a kind of instrument at a time,Thermocouple temperature measurement directly。By2Different composition of conductor material closed loop,Due to the material...


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