Introduction to the hospital/HOSPITAL INTRODUCTION
Oral began in the little white rabbit2003Years,Is a province、The city、The state electricity medical insurance fixed point hospital、The ministry of health of children free nest groove closed fixed-point hospital。To carry out the project:Orthodontics is professional、Oral plant professional、Children's dental professional、Professional tooth pulp disease、Periodontal disease、Oral mucosal disease、Oral and maxillofacial surgery、Oral rehabilitation professional dental professional。The small white rabbit mouth after decades of development,Brings together a number of oral chief physician and associate chief physician,And has trained many experienced clinical oral surgeons,Provide you with the whole family、Comprehensive、The whole dental service。To see a patient,Make a friend,Do an operation,A high-quality goods。
>Diagnosis and treatment projects/PROJECT
Hospital environment/HOSPITAL ENVIRONMENT
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