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Currently have 14650 A domestic member units waiting to be engaged in cleaning、Forest cleaning、Household cleaning、The hospital cleaning、Community cleaning、Fine cleaning services

Forest cleaning、Procter & gamble、Deep cleaning
Why did you choose four-way housekeeper
The employer
  • 1、 Unity was signed by the Beijing municipal administration of industry and commerce,Beijing municipal bureau of commerce,Beijing association of domestic service《The domestic service contract of Beijing》Template
  • 2、 Scientific management and good reputation as our starting enterprises focus,To provide you with the most perfect cleaning unit、Forest cleaning services。
  • 3、 Professional cleaning team,Full range of cleaning services,A preferential rate,Let your satisfaction is our eternal wish!
  • 4、 The authentication service personnel,A medical report,Real and effective
  • 5、 Cross guarantee service group,Rights and interests protection
Employee retention
  • 1、 Free accommodation,Free training,Provide working clothes
  • 2、 Domestic consultants to help match the best employer,On the first family can be sent to the customer
  • 3、 On the door after monthly coaching on a regular basis,Provide accident and injury insurance
  • 4、 Home economics advisory tracking service,Always solve problems of service personnel
  • 5、 Good staff travel、A promotion、Visit the trip reimbursement、Distinction
Into the four-way housekeeper
Procter & gamble、Forest cleaning、Deep cleaning
About us

Four-way steward on cross family services group,Focus on cleaning field,Deep cleaning、Office cleaning、The hospital cleaning、Property cleaning、Community cleaning,Provide land clearing、The ground cleaning、External wall cleaning,Stone renovation、Daily cleaning and other services。
Cross the housekeeper(Beijing)Family services co., LTD,Rely on the spool services group platform advantage,In human resources、Capital operation、Business information、Get strong guarantee security services, etc。Four-way housekeeper based on Internet,For building newO2ODomestic mode,From management to operations to service,Online,To provide customers with premium services experience。
Personnel are selected--Theory+Practical training--Home economics adviser1That's right1Service--The interview、Sign up、Household--The entire after-sale protection······More and more>>

The company vision:A better family life
Family life is more beautiful
The enterprise culture

Constantly listening and meet the demand of users,Guide and exceed customer demand,Earn respect user;
Enterprise status and brand image through ascension,Make employees with high sense of honor and pride,Earn respect employees;
To promote the healthy development of the Internet industry,Grow up together with the partners,Earn respect industry;
Pay attention to corporate responsibility,Caring society、To give back to society,Win respect in society。

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